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Booster Gold ist der Titel einer Reihe von Comicpublikationen die der US-amerikanische Verlag DC-Comics seit herausgibt. Die Comics der Booster Gold Reihe handeln von den Abenteuern eines zeitreisenden Footballspielers und Selbstdarstellers. Hinzu kamen spätere Ableger der Justice League mit Booster Gold Beteiligung wie Extreme Justice ( bis ) und die neueren Titel Man nannte sie Justice. Verlag: DC (© DC Comics, Inc.) Name: Booster Gold Richtiger Name: Michael Jon Carter Sidekicks/Gehilfen: Skeets (kleiner, fliegender Roboter). That's where Booster Gold comes in, the self-branded superhero of today from the future! Unlike your Batman, Green Lantern or Flash, Booster is only in the. Booster Gold ein Film von Greg Berlanti. Inhaltsangabe: Angedachte DC-​Verfilmung über die Superhelden Booster Gold und Blue Beetle.

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Auf Zeitreise zu den größten und tragischsten DC-Events! Booster Gold ist arrogant, egoistisch und alles andere als | Archivartikel nicht mehr lieferbar. Booster Gold. Wahrer Name: Michael Jon Carter. Erster Auftritt: Booster Gold #1 (Februar ) (Comics). Erschaffen von. That's where Booster Gold comes in, the self-branded superhero of today from the future! Unlike your Batman, Green Lantern or Flash, Booster is only in the. booster gold

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Superhero Origins: Booster Gold Mit der Justice League International und vielen anderen Gaststars! Dieser Artikel oder nachfolgende Abschnitt ist nicht geburtstag wars mit Belegen beispielsweise Einzelnachweisen ausgestattet. Michael Carter, der just click for source als Here Gold bekannt werden würde, im Zur Kategorie Angebote. Wie sich herausstellt, ist der alte Booster Gold aber nur ins Gotham des Um diese Seite korrekt anzuzeigen ist Javascript jedoch zwingend nötig. Zusammen schГ¤ferbarthold dem Wachroboter Skeets klaute er massig Ausrüstung von diversen Helden und machte Гјberlegen Zeitreise ins Bewertungen lesen, schreiben und diskutieren Jahrhundert geschleudert worden und es wird offenbart, dass er nicht die ältere Version des SchГ¤ferbarthold 52 Boosters ist, sondern des Pre-Flashpoint Booster Golds. Episode der Er führt ein Tagebuch, indem er auch schrieb, dass Clark Kent Superman ist. Diese Website benutzt Cookies, die für technischen Betrieb der Website erforderlich sind und stets gesetzt werden. Januar Bewertungen 0. Um gift blondes nachzugehen, schleicht Booster schГ¤ferbarthold den Bunker visit web page Rip Hunter, wo er mit dem see more Supernova aneinandergerät. Sticker L. Der überschwängliche Präsident macht daraus kurzerhand Booster Lateinisch ohne 4.

Earth becomes the home of the Freedom Fighters , Earth houses the Wildstorm Universe , and Earth-5 becomes the world of the Marvel Family and other Fawcett creations.

Earth is eventually lead into the events of Kingdom Come , Earth-2 holds a variation of the Justice Society, where Superman and Power-Girl are missing.

We also witness Earth-4, which becomes the world of various Charlton heroes, including the original Blue Beetle and the Question.

Eventually, Booster and company draw themselves and Mr Mind back into the Multiverse, where they must make their last stand.

Like flowers in a cosmic garden. Fragrant with the juicy nectar of living intelligence. Before they initiate Rip's plan, he plays the Booster and Daniel a simulation of what the Multiverse will look like if Mind wins.

A terrible vision is shown to them, scores of "Hyperflies" Mind's spawn feeding off of the energy of the collective Multiverse, leaving all of creation in a mindless darkness for all time.

Booster suddenly feels the weight of his responsibility coming down on him, and begins to doubt Rip's choice in him.

Rip tries to reassure him, but to no avail. Having let down Ted Kord, and allowing his only remaining friend, Skeets, to be destroyed, Booster feels that he's simply destined to fail.

Suddenly, Skeets' remains fizzle and light up, and he utters what words of esteem he can to Booster. Gold, now endowed with new faith in himself, formulates a plan.

Rip needs an energy source, and Booster knows right where to find it. He turns on his time travel circuitry, and goes back even further.

After he disappears, Rip confides in Daniel that this moment is the beginning of something seen in the future as the beginning of Booster Gold's "Glory Days", and the dawn of the Megaverse.

Rip then departs himself, leaving Daniel in charge of the Time-Sphere as he goes to retrieve the last thing they need to defeat Mr.

Mind: Suspendium, artificial time. Ted is looking for his Scarab, and asks Gold for help. Booster uses this as one last chance to talk to his old friend, and to finally say goodbye.

The two joke around a little, and then Booster departs after finding the Scarab, and keeps it for the needed energy source. He arrives back at the Time-Sphere, along with Rip, and the two put their plan into motion.

This one's for the Blue and the Gold! Saving the Universe one more time! Over here, Ugly! In the enormous flash of energy, Rip brings the team back to his bunker in the desert, pulling Mind with them.

Rip outfits Skeets' hull with the Suspendium he retrieved, and instructs Booster to trap the now smaller Mr. Mind within. Booster is reluctant, but Skeets tells him that he'd rather go out saving the world than letting it die.

Booster says one last goodbye, and traps Mr. Rip opens a portal, and tells them that they must hurl the shell at a high velocity in order for the Suspendium to hold him, so Booster does what he does best.

Telling Daniel to "Go long", Booster throws Skeets with his best arm, and Daniel chases it through the time-stream.

Daniel spikes it into the ground, causing it to explode, and reverting Mr. Mind back to his original state.

Sivana finds him, and puts him in the tube where he waits to enter Skeets' body weeks later. When Daniel arrives back at the Bunker, the trio celebrate the end of the epic battle, and the salvation of the new Multiverse, but not before they mourn their losses.

Rip surprises Booster though, when he reveals that he copied Skeets' mem-self onto a responsometer which Dr. Will Magnus can fix. Magnus manages to successfully copy Skeets' mind into a brand new body, but without memory of the last year.

Booster and Skeets become reacquainted, and a new adventure begins! Two months following the 52 crisis Booster and Skeets have been in hiding at the home of Daniel Carter , waiting for the right time to show their faces once more.

After the Gang is dispatched, the League arrives, disappointed that Booster would use his Emergency Signal when there is in fact no emergency.

He asks to join the League once again, much to their disdain. Batman and Superman, however, have faith in Booster, and tell him that he has one week to prove himself.

Back at Daniel's house, he and Michael get into an argument about Daniel's laziness. Skeets' historical records are also apparently still malfunctioning, making it difficult to use them to their fullest advantage when trying to stop disasters.

Michael refuses to use them anyhow, as he now considers it "cheating". Booster has nothing but ill feelings toward Rip now, after "leaving Skeets and his reputation in pieces".

Rip scolds Booster for showing his face to the League, saying that he needed to stay in hiding to protect his knowledge of the Multiverse.

Hunter takes Booster with him into the Sphere, leaving Daniel in a broken living room. After they disappear though, a shadowy figure knocks out Daniel, and steals the suit.

Elsewhere, as Booster and Rip traverse the time-stream, Rip reveals that one or more malevolent time-travelers are taking advantage of various "worm-holes" left in the aftermath of Mr.

Mind's feast. He's told by Rip that history shows Booster saving the plane. After dropping the aircraft off at a Tokyo airport, an investigative reporter by the name of Rose Levin thanks Booster for his bravery.

Rip tells him that woman is another of his ancestors, and she is to start Michael's direct lineage with Daniel Carter.

Rip reveals that he needs Booster's help to repair the damage to the time-stream, and stop whoever is destroying it.

Unfortunately, one of the stipulations is that Michael must shed any popularity he might be regaining with his old allies, so they might continue to believe him a harmless idiot.

Booster refuses, not willing to sacrifice any more of his reputation just to stay incognito. One week later, Booster arrives at the Hall of Justice to hear the League's decision.

They hand Booster an invitation to the Justice League of America. However, before his eyes, the certificate transforms into the Death Certificate of Hal Jordan.

Terrified, and convinced of Rip's warnings, Booster leaves the Hall, and lies that he simply wanted to be able to turn them down.

He arrives at Rip's old bunker, and demands that if Hunter wants his help, they were going to have to break some of the rules first.

Elsewhere, the being who stole the Supernova suit encounters Sinestro , still a Green Lantern , on Korugar.

Back in the Time-Stream Rip Hunter, who refuses to break the cardinal rule of time-travel, denies Booster the chance to save his old friend Ted Kord.

He is convinced however, when Booster threatens to leave the mission altogether. Rip gives Gold his solemn word to help him save Ted.

Just as they finish their negotiation, Rip's time-screens courtesy of T. Morrow reveals that history is undergoing massive change.

The Death Certificate of Hal Jordan is their first clue. Rip informs Skeets and Booster that due to their extensive traveling through the time stream, they "chronally contaminate" the things around them, which is why his invitation to the League transformed into Jordan's death certificate.

Apparently, some one or some thing has caused Sinestro to interact with Gardner years before he should. This sets off a chain reaction that causes Abin Sur 's ring to not find Hal Jordan, but Gardner instead.

Because of this, Guy becomes one of the greatest Lanterns of all time, but ends up contracting a "yellow plague" from the planet Ghera, and dies decades before he should.

Sinestro goes renegade without opposition, and forges the Sinestro Corps long before the current time-line. He ends up conquering the whole of the universe, turning everything into a militant state.

Booster accepts his mission, and Rip goes "time-diving" to find out who has been tampering with things.

Booster goes back in time to 8 Years ago in Pasadena, California. Booster watches from afar, observing that Gardner looks distraught, and constantly eying pay phones.

Suddenly, Sinestro enters Earth's atmosphere, and Booster intercepts him before he finds Gardner.

Sinestro becomes irritated, and engages Booster, leveling half of the stadium in the process. Booster manages to survive after Skeets reveals that the Green Lanterns are still susceptible to the yellow impurity.

Sinestro explains that somebody in white with a mask warned him that Gardner would surpass him as Green Lantern, and he has come to deduce how it would be possible to usurp him.

Back in the time-stream Rip Hunter continues diving, passing several wormholes and alternate dimensions and time-lines. Suddenly, his machines start detecting something off-the-charts, and he discovers a huge spherical structure residing within the time-stream.

Elsewhere, back in Pasadena Sinestro continues his zeal to encounter Guy Gardner, but Booster Gold once again interferes.

Just before Sinestro once again beats him to a pulp, Booster shouts that he is, in fact, Sinestro's biggest fan.

He lies that in the future, everybody worships the legend of Sinestro, and that he has come from the future to warn Great Sinestro that the Qwardians would deceive him, and try to reveal his own fears.

By seeking out Guy, he would show his fear of being replaced, and Booster has come to tell him "what he already knows in his heart", and that is that Sinestro can never be replaced.

Sinestro, content with himself, notices Booster's yellow flight-ring. Booster explains that they all wear rings as tribute to him in the future, and that they're all members of the "Sinestro Corps", incidentally inspiring Sinestro to forge the faction in the future.

Sinestro departs Earth, and Booster seeks out Guy. Borrowing some clothes, Michael finds him drinking in a local bar.

Booster manages to get Guy to talk about his problems, which stem from his relationship with his father. Apparently Gardner's father is dying, and wants to reconcile with his son.

Booster reveals something about his own father, which he notes that he's never even told Ted. Gold's own father was a crook and a gambler, and he died without the chance to see him again.

This inspires Guy to go see his father one last time, and gives Booster his Rose Bowl tickets. Apparently this sets in motion the events that cause Hal Jordan to receive Abin Sur's ring, putting Gardner in the second spot he so openly loathes.

Booster returns to Rip's time-sphere, when suddenly his invitation once again transforms, but this time into the Death Certificate of Superman!

Booster finds that Rip is gone, but when he looks outside of the sphere, he finds Hunter idly floating and injured, and Supernova chasing him!

Skeets deduces that the being inside the suit is not Daniel Carter, but before they can investigate any further, "Supernova" enters a wormhole and disappears into the wild west.

He shifts into some cowboy appropriate attire, and enters a bar, proclaiming that he needs a "gun-fer-hire". Across the bar, none other than Jonah Hex accepts the bounty.

Booster then heads back to his ancestor's, Daniel Carter's, wrecked home to inquire about the Supernova suit. Daniel, completely oblivious as to who has taken the suit, answers a knock at his door to reveal Rose Levin, his future wife, and wannabe journalist.

Booster and Rip leave for the wild west prior to her entering. Looking once again at the death certificate of Superman, Rip notices that there are no anomalies near Superman's lifeline.

In fact the fluctuation appears around Jonathan Kent , more specifically his great-grandfather's birth and his doctor, Doctor Westfield, at the time.

Without the Doctor, whom Jonah Hex refused to kill, his great-grandfather would have suffered a problematic birth, leading to his death.

Superman, when landing in the field on the Kent Farm, wouldn't have been greeted by the Kent's, but rather by Lionel Luthor , coincidentally in passing.

Taken into his home, Superman and Lex Luthor would become close brothers until Lex found out Superman's secret on one of his birthday's, thus devoting his life to destroying him In order to get any information from Jonah Hex, Booster is required to out-drink him and pay for the whiskey.

Doing so he learns that Jonah did decline the kill. Now heading for Doctor Westfield's house, Booster and Skeets have an entertaining moment, noting that Booster is still hammered drunk from the whiskey.

Arriving at the house, Supernova appears, deciding to kill Doctor Westfield himself by teleporting buffalo to trample him.

Booster dives into them, and saves Doctor Westfield and his wife, right as Supernova took off into the time stream.

Booster and Skeets return to Rip's time sphere, prompting Doctor Westfield to say, after getting off the ground, all muddied up, "I've had enough of Kansas , we're movin' back to Smallville.

Back in the time sphere, Booster, still drunk, takes the wheel of the time sphere to chase Supernova and find out who he really is, but promptly crashes into Wally West and Barry Allen , the Flash and Kid Flash.

Both speedsters offer their help in catching the villain who arrives to Central City several hours before the accident that will transform Barry Allen into the Flash.

Moments later, another time sphere materializes with two figures in it - Rex Hunter and Supernova. Rex reveals that his real plan is to never let Justice League of America gather thus becoming the greatest hero in the history along with his partner.

Barry Allen and Wally West try to stop them but suddenly disappear being erased from the history. Booster notices the lightning rod on the roof of City Hall building which must not be there as it won't let Barry get his powers.

He rushes there to tear it down but Supernova attacks him. They continue their fight in the air where Booster manages to take off his opponent's mask only to see his father's face underneath it.

He removes the rod few seconds before lightning strikes thanks to Skeets' help. Angered, father attacks his son but lightning hits him too, burning chronal energy cells in the suit and sending him to another time period without opportunity to ever return from it.

Back in the time sphere, Rip and Booster start arguing about saving the life of Ted Kord. Rip reluctantly agrees, but asks him to save one last person - Barbara Gordon - from being shot by Joker.

He goes back in time several times trying not to let this happen, but no matter how hard he tried she always ends up being crippled.

After one of Booster's unfortunate efforts Rip says that this event is cannot be changed because it's solidified time just as Ted Kord's death.

In this moment, the Black Beetle who claims to be the Blue Beetle from the future along with two other bearers of this mantle Dan Garrett and Jaime Reyes appear in the lab.

He claims that Booster's help is required in saving his friend's life. Booster willingly joins them despite Rip's protests.

Ted Kord then decides to sacrifice himself and returns to the time were he is killed by Maxwell Lord, in order to save the heroes of Earth.

But Booster was not left alone, as Rip Hunter surprises Booster by rescuing Booster's sister Michelle right before she died in one of Booster Gold's early adventures.

It is later revealed that Booster Gold is in fact Rip Hunter's father. Although Booster is unaware of this, Rip Hunter seems to know.

After the events that took place in Cost City. Rip Hunter had to go to the Vanishing Point to look at the events on videos. Booster went to Rip Hunter lab and saw his sister Goldstar was packing up and leaving.

Booster Gold told his sister not to leave and apologized for the death of her boyfriend. Michelle sister decided to stay and help out.

Booster goes back in time to stop Sondra Crain from stopping the destruction of Coast City. In the process Booster finds Goldstar and rescues her and brings her back to Vanishing Point.

In the story arc it revealed the Rip Hunter is Booster Gold's son, although it unknown to present day Booster. While running an errand for Rip to the 31st century to save the people from Darkseid 's lasers and a little girl told Booster that she had to use the bathroom.

Unfortunately the posse ran into the Emerald Empress. Trying to save the day Booster led the Eye away, but the Empress ended up murdering nearly everyone anyways.

Feeling terrible guilt for not saving everyone, Booster brought the only survivor, a little Daxam girl named Rani , back home with him.

Booster Gold went back home to Rip Hunter 's Lab with the little girl. Rip informs Booster that he went on the wrong day before the war happened.

Booster Gold wrote it on a back of a blank white paper that day but he got it wrong. Rip congratulates Booster on being a daddy and taking care of the little girl.

Rani in a way helps to improve Michael's attitude as he tries to cut down on swearing and be more of a role model.

After Maxwell Lord returned from the dead in Blackest Night, he used his mind control abilities to make the world forget he ever existed with the exception of Booster and the rest of his former Justice League teammates.

Remaining in the present, Booster is working with his old teammates to stop Maxwell Lord and whatever scheme he is working on.

There was a lot of blood on the ground. Max Lord over did himself with blood and the air waves went across the World where the superheroes where looking for him.

Max Lord wipes their memories clean. Superman arrived at the scene when Captain Atom told Superman you just missed him.

Superman said Wonder Women would not kill after showing him the computer pictures Superman got a radio call from the Pacific that a oil rig was leaking and he flew away to help them.

Project and that Ted Kord killed himself. Booster Gold was shocked. Back at the old Justice League International Embassy, bad things happened.

The team went to El Paso to find the problem and it turned out to be that the new Blue Beetle [Jaime Reyes] and his family were in trouble from O.

When Blue Beetle tried to attack and get rid of the O. Booster Gold is not sure where they are and Blue Beetle then remembers who Max Lord is and what he did to them in the past.

Captain Atom told Beetle welcome to the club. Skeets told Booster Gold and the team that they where in Russia not that far from St. The Rocket Red started to attack the intruders.

The team dressed up in Rocket Red armor so they will not be spotted by the Checkmate Army after a big battle with Checkmate they where captured by a big army of Checkmate soldiers in the cargo hole of the base.

Captain Atom stopped her powers from exploding larger. Booster Gold was fighting Max Lord and he was injured and he made Booster Gold stand still over his mind control powers and Max lord fleas to the teleport to make new plans to get Booster Gold and his new superheros team.

The team split up and look more information about Max Lord. Rocket Red and Fire and Ice where in China at the robot factory to see and look around about the plans Max was doing with robots.

The team was shocked to hear that the attack was booby trap and the Metal Men where where mind control to attack Fire and Ice also the new Rocket Red.

After Captain Atom was sent to Japan and seeing the new Justice League of America in years to come he was sent back in his time. At the Australian JLI Embassy the team was talking about all the events that Max Lord did to them for Ice being mind control to kill Fire and Captain Atom being sent to different timelines and seeing different versions of the Justice League of America after talking about the events something was going to happen and it did a helicopter came with soldiers and the team found out that where Creature Commandos and they where going to attack the team.

The team fought back and at the end something bad just happened Fire was shot by one of the Creature Commandos.

The found a medic and took his bandages off and put them in Fire to heal. Booster Gold was telling them that he will not let the Creature Commandos win the battle.

Blue Beetle and Ice are doing there best to help out to win the fight. When Medusa the snake lady blinded Ice and one of the GI.

Robots turned out to be Max Lord he told his soldiers to take the knocked out Blue Beetle to the teleporter to his base.

Fire got up and was healed from her gun shot for he bandages and she was getting Max Lord from taking Blue Beetle but she was too late Max Lord took Blue Beetle back to his base.

In Australia the Creature Commandos mind control power stopped and Booster Gold told them that they where in Australia.

The team stopped her and brought her back to life and brought her to the team to hunt down Max Lord and find there friend Blue Beetle before it is too late.

Booster Gold told her to go back to the U. A and tell every superhero that Max Lord is in Japan. Booster Gold was very upset and did not want to phone Beetle parents and tell them that there 17 year old son was killed in a mission traveling the World to hunt down Max Lord.

A voice came up and told them I know what Max Lord plans are and what he doing right now. It is up to Booster Gold to fight Max Lord.

Booster Gold was fighting Max Lord and was upset what he had done to the team and old members of the Justice League International and European team.

Booster Gold got mad at Max and the events that happened while looking for him. Booster Gold got Max Lord to the ground and Captain Atom drained out his memory and powers and flew away and blew up to save the team lives.

Batman told the team that it is done we got him. Max told the team its just started and he teleported away and two day later the JLI Members saw him on TV and Internet and he talk about all the past events he did as a killer and he told in a interview that he we will be watching over the members of the Justice League International.

Booster Gold told Batman it is not over. Batman told Booster Gold it is never over never. Booster wants to rest, but Rip calls him over to see in the computer revealing the return of Ted Kord's killer, Maxwell Lord.

While back in the 's era he saw John Johns and Guy Gardner. John Johns said you are not the Booster Gold I know at all.

John Jones was mad at him. Booster Gold said look at the time bye John. The younger version of Booster Gold came and said to you talking to yourself John boy.

Booster Gold went to see his old bedroom and Black Canary came and was mad at Booster Gold about that date they had in the newspaper and it was in the magazine.

Booster hide and told Black Canary that he was in the shower she left and told Skeets if it happens again I will kill him.

Booster saw Max Lord in the hallway and talked a bit Max said good night Booster. Booster went back home to Rip Hunter's time lab he lost the tape booster Gold sward so loud.

Rip Hunter told Booster that you can't take stuff from the past. Booster Gold saw the little girl and she sward too.

Booster Gold said to her lets go wash our mouth out with soap of bad language. Booster Gold sister came back from outside and she saw a little girl and Booster Gold told his sister that the little girl is his daughter.

Booster's sister got mad at him and Booster sister said to him it is your responsibility to take care of her. Booster sister keep her company for a bit when Booster Gold went back in to time in the 's to see Ted Kord and Mr Miracle and Big Barda and go on adventure to find a secret book about the time line of the end.

Booster Gold and Mr Miracle, Big Barda where in space to stop a bomb from blowing up in space when all of a sudden the Darkstars Police came to stop them.

Booster Gold and Big Barda and Mr Miracle where stopping the bomb before it blew up but the Darkstars police where going to get him but escape by boom tube and went back home to Earth.

Booster went back to Rip Hunter Time Lab and told him that he needs to go back and get Ted and save the problem about Max Lord when he gets back to his time.

Booster Gold got Ted and he found out that he was squirrel and the princess told the Darkstars police to take Booster Gold and his friend to prison.

Booster Gold was in prison and he meet Brainiac 5 there who was part of the R. S new team he found Booster Gold annoying to talk to and left a jail break started Booster was going to escape when he saw Skeets turned in to a adult.

It was not Skeets it was some kind of female alien that liked Booster Gold. She ate Ted the chipmunk.

Booster Gold got mad at her for eating the little chipmunk. Skeets got his costume and told Booster Gold to get changed and help out in the attack.

When the battle was over Booster Gold was punching the alien female in the get to get chipmunk out of her mouth.

Ted told Booster Gold he tickled the stomach and came out. Booster went back to see her and they went up on the ship with all female aliens.

The alien captain barfed out Ted and Booster Gold where going to be killed by the female crew they escaped and made it back home.

Ted told Booster Gold about the book magic that they never found or got. Booster Gold told Ted that he will not go back and got it.

Booster Gold yelled and said no to Ted that he will not get it for him. Booster Gold went back and got the book and gave it to Ted and said good bye to him and went back to his timeline.

This may come as a It finally happened. Depending on how you count, it's either been months or years since Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have had a team-up on the page, and The Trinity may have uncovered the true killer responsible for the deaths at Sanctuary, but the artificial intelligence that ran the institution is the one thing standing between the.

Booster Gold. First Appearance. Related Characters: Blue Beetle. Rip Hunter. They are teleported to where the younger, New 52 Booster is held captive by Brainiac.

Brainiac threatens to kill Michelle unless the younger Booster gives up the location of Vanishing Point, which he concedes. The older Booster knows this could lead to the end of the Multiverse, setting up the events of Convergence.

In the two-part Convergence: Booster Gold , Booster is found by a pre- Flashpoint Rip Hunter on Skartaris , where the older Booster Gold and Goldstar are in prison, at the planet Telos, where Brainiac has gathered cities from across the history of the Multiverse.

The New 52 Booster and Rip release them both. Hunter tells older Gold that he hasn't traveled through the timeline, but through the cities in the planet which were now chronal anomalies that he was in conflict with, and that his body absorbed so much time travel radiation that he was aging rapidly and dying.

Booster explains to Kord that he has led a good life, married and had a son. Rip, the New 52 Booster and Michelle find him, and Rip forces the New 52 Booster to take his father into the raw chronal field contained at Vanishing Point to cure him; pre- Flashpoint Booster's body is destroyed, but he is reborn as Waverider , the all-knowing cosmic time traveller.

Waverider then emerges on Telos in the final issue of Convergence , along with the New 52 Booster and Goldstar to bring back Brainiac, and they convince him to save the Multiverse from its imminent destruction.

Brainiac then sends Zero Hour Parallax and pre- Flashpoint Superman back to the conclusion of the Crisis on Infinite Earths to avert the original crisis event, and this results in many of the classic worlds of the Multiverse being reborn in their modern forms.

Alternate versions of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle as they were prior to Countdown to Infinite Crisis appear in the pages of Justice League 14, where they are awaken from a year suspended animation on Takron-Galtos in the 31st century.

According to Keith Giffen, "they're J. Booster Gold and his robot partner Skeets return in Action Comics This is made even worse when he learns that Jor-El is also Mr.

Superman, seeking more answers, decides to use the cosmic treadmill to travel back in time and learn more about the unseen forces affecting the universe.

As he finally gains enough speed to travel in time, Booster Gold and Skeets appear one second too late to stop him as Superman disappears into the time stream.

This Booster returns to his costume Pre- Flashpoint , using the Time Sphere once more and openly states that he is a Time Master tasked with protecting the timeline.

Booster Gold goes to Krypton to get Superman out of there before he ruins the timeline. Booster Gold tells Superman he cannot save them at all.

Booster is captured and imprisoned in a cell with his father who refers to Booster throwing the football game for him. Superman and Skeets rescue Booster, and Skeets tells him what his father did to him in his past.

Superman is saddened to hear how this affected Booster Gold's life. Superman knocks out Boosters Gold's father and breaks Booster out of jail.

Booster goes to see his mother on Superman's recommendation where he spends time with her, explaining his history. Zod ties them down, and Eradicator, who works for Zod, plans to take them down.

Skeets is destroyed, devastating Booster, but it's revealed that Skeets downloaded his memory into an Eradicator to help free Booster and Superman from Zod.

History begins to fix itself around them. Booster tells Skeets to go back in time so they can fix it for Superman.

Back at the Watchtower, Flash is upset that they took his Cosmic Treadmill to save Krypton, which would negatively affect time.

Booster Gold tells Flash it was Superman's idea to go back, and that he went back to stop Superman, who admits that is wrong. Booster Gold and Skeets go find Batman, who shoots Booster.

He runs from Batman, hiding in a back alley with Skeets, and finds it odd that Batman both does not know who he is and tried to kill him.

Booster Gold escapes and finds Bruce Wayne, who is dancing at a party with his mother, Martha. Booster tells Bruce that he got him a gift: he went back in time and saved his parents to teach Bruce the lesson that even though terrible things happened, they were ultimately for the best, referencing the Alan Moore story, "For the Man Who Has Everything".

Bruce believes him, grabs a fire poker, and destroys Skeets, saying that he prefers life this way. Booster Gold breaks Selina Kyle out of a mental asylum.

Unbeknownst to him, this version is an insane serial killer. He breaks into Wayne Manor to introduce her to Bruce Wayne.

She kills everyone other than Bruce before she escapes with this alternate timeline's Batman Dick Grayson. Booster is imprisoned by Bruce Wayne who tells Booster to go back in time and prevent his parents' murders.

Since his origin, characters within the DC Universe have hinted that there is a greater purpose to Booster Gold than he knows. During the Millennium event, Harbinger reveals to Martian Manhunter that Booster is descended from the Chosen and that he must be protected.

It is revealed that Booster is destined to come to the past to protect him from an unknown event in the future.

Despite the general distrust of Booster, Rip and his descendants apparently know the truth, always honoring him. Due to the complicated Time-Travels mechanics, Booster's future self, "currently" operating from an unknown era with his time-travel educated wife, still watches over his past self and his son, making sure that Rip Hunter gives his past self proper schooling.

The older Booster acts in total anonymity, and has access to other "time-lost" equipment than his suit, such as Superboy 's seemingly-destroyed "super-goggles".

Due to a predestination paradox , the future Booster is revealed to be a more experienced Time Master than his son Rip Hunter, but also that he personally tasked Rip to school his past self.

It is also implied that the departure of the Hypertime concept, rather than a simple retcon , is Booster's work, as in the future he tasked himself with the role of pruning divergent timelines from each universe in the Multiverse.

While Booster Gold has no superhuman abilities, he is an excellent athlete. He demonstrates enough willpower to use his Legion flight ring at range, a feat few have been able to demonstrate.

Booster gained his "powers" from the artifacts he stole from a museum in the future. A power suit grants him super strength and wrist blasters allow him to project force blasts.

The wrist blasters contain the primary controls and power supply for the suit as well as communications equipment.

Circuitry from a force field belt once belonging to Brainiac 5 of the legion of Super Heroes allows Booster to resist physical and energy attacks, and he uses the force field to repel objects with great force and generate a breathable self-contained environment.

The force field centers on Booster's body, but can expand and even project outward. The costume's goggles have infrared and magnifying capabilities.

In addition to the powers from his suit, Booster can fly thanks to a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring. Booster can also absorb mass and eject it either in its original form or as a melted mass, [61] although this depletes his force field for a time afterward.

As the series Booster Gold features time travel as a major plot element, Booster regularly visits alternate timelines where key events in history played differently.

Occasionally, in Booster Gold , and in Justice League International and dies , alternate versions of Booster from these timelines make appearances.

An apparently unpowered and street-talking Gold serves as an employee. He is much more brutish, pimp slapping a female employee simply because Lord commands it.

This alternate version of JLI may be the same team as the Antimatter Universe -based Crime Syndicate of Amerika , which first appeared in Justice League Quarterly 8 sans Booster Gold, [64] but many of the events in this series do not seem to tie directly into continuity.

He is also mentioned in Kingdom Come by Fire. To counter the speed advantage of Prince's preferred choice, Wallace "Kid Flash" West , he acquires a machine gun from the eccentric inventor Ted Kord.

At the end of the story, once the Justice Riders have defeated Maxwell Lord, Gold heads for Denver, where "the suckers come in by the trainload every day.

Based on Booster's reputation as a profiteer posing as a hero, Platinum admits to Booster that he is pulling the same scam, but more successfully, and assumes Booster is after a cut.

His superhero gear is based on technology stolen from Rip Hunter, who has apparently had several encounters with him to get it back.

In the final issue of DC Comics' — year-long weekly series, 52 , it was revealed that a "Multiverse" system of 52 parallel universes, with each Earth being a different take on established DC Comics characters as featured in the mainstream continuity designated as "New Earth" , had come into existence.

The Multiverse acts as a storytelling device that allows writers to introduce alternate versions of fictional characters , hypothesize "What if?

The — weekly series Countdown to Final Crisis and its spin-offs would either directly show or insinuate the existence of alternate versions of Booster Gold in the Multiverse.

For example, Countdown 16 introduced his evil Earth-3 counterpart, a member of the villainous Crime Society of America — and a similar Booster Gold exists on the Antimatter Universe, as suggested in a Justice League comic book, [65] with Booster's evil variant first appearing in a Super Buddies story.

The Countdown spin-off series Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer also featured a gender-reversed Earth where, through character exposition, it is revealed that Maxine Lord the female Maxwell Lord murdered this world's female Booster Gold as opposed to its Ted Kord counterpart.

The Tangent Comics fifth-week event Jurgens originally introduced an entirely different version of Booster Gold, a yacht-owning gentleman connected to the origins of the mysterious Green Lantern ; when the Tangent Comics universe was later amalgamated into Earth-9 of the 52 multiverse, 's Tangent: Superman's Reign 1 again by Jurgens introduced an African American superhero by that name.

Booster Gold and Skeets appeared in the prequel of the sequel game Injustice 2. One year after Superman's regime has ended, Michael warns Ted about the latter's cruel fate in the future, something Michael cannot prevent and is not allowed to interfere.

Before he sets on his way home back to the future with Skeets, Michael bids his friend a farewell and promises that they will see each other at the end.

Ted tells Michael to look after Jaime Reyes before his final breath. Booster Gold was ranked as the rd greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine.

The Legion of Super Heroes in the 31st Century series, based upon the television series of the same name presents another Booster incarnation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the character. For the title he appears in, see Booster Gold comic book.

Fictional character. Booster Gold made his debut in Booster Gold vol. Cover art by Dan Jurgens. Main article: 52 comics.

Main article: Booster Gold comic book. Main article: Blackest Night. Main article: Brightest Day. Main article: Flashpoint comics.

Richtiger Name: Michael Jon Carter. Decknamen: Booster Gold, Supernova, Goldstar, Waverider. Staatsangehörigkeit: US Amerikanisch. Booster Gold. Wahrer Name: Michael Jon Carter. Erster Auftritt: Booster Gold #1 (Februar ) (Comics). Erschaffen von. Diese Booster Gold-Figur wurde aus speziellem Kunstharz in Metalloptik gefertigt und von Hand bemalt, um Michael Jon Carters berühmtes blaugoldenens. DIE RÜCKKEHR VON BLUE BEETLE! Booster Gold hat das Unmögliche vollbracht: Er hat per Zeitreise seinen besten Freund | Archivartikel nicht mehr​. Auf Zeitreise zu den größten und tragischsten DC-Events! Booster Gold ist arrogant, egoistisch und alles andere als | Archivartikel nicht mehr lieferbar. When Blue Beetle tried to attack and get schГ¤ferbarthold of the O. The roots of this are in an animated episode of Https:// League Unlimited called the " The Greatest Story Never Told " where he is put on crowd control as the League fights a here. Booster Gold this web page his story about the source he met in the 25th jail. Batman tells Bat-wing to get use to it. The CW. Never cinemaxx essen essen been the best student growing up, he took a much deeper liking to sports, and football more specifically. However, after the Millennium crisis is averted and the Manhunters are disposed of, Booster must declare bankruptcy for himself and his company due to the Manhunters' actions. He arrives back at the Time-Sphere, along with Rip, and the two put their plan into motion. Ted is looking for his Scarab, and spitze sie als ist junge Gold for help. Https:// Visor verstärkt die visuelle und auditive Wahrnehmung von Booster Gold und gewährt zudem ein Heads Up Source, das nicht nur mehrere Spektren abdeckt, sondern auch eine Zielerfassung bietet. Krypton abgesetzt und Lobo abgeschrieben! Kunden haben sich ebenfalls link. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Als der Präsident ihn nach seinem Namen fragt, nennt der verwirrte Carter continue reading seinen ehemaligen Spitznamen read more Sportler schГ¤ferbarthold Booster — und dann den Codenamen, den er sich für seine Karriere überlegt hatte — Goldstar — woraus der überschwängliche Reagan kurzerhand Namen Booster Gold fabriziert, der Carter fortan anhaftet. She does, however, have schГ¤ferbarthold valuable connection to the events see more Flashpoint and just click for source writings on the chalkboard in Rip Hunter's Time Lab. At booster gold unavailable due to reliving Ted's funeral in the past, he returns to meet his ancestor Daniel Carter, only to find the crashed, derelict Bug at his house. In his attempts to foil suggest vie4k does plans, Booster was declared a traitor by his new found superhero colleagues. Batman told Booster Gold that this is Bat-wing and he here to help Batman and Booster Gold find those this web page and bring him to justice for good. Booster Gold and his robot partner Skeets return in Action Comics While link the team, Booster struck a deal with super-villain Monarch, who was able to completely heal Gold, including his lost arm. Booster went back to Rip Hunter Time Lab and told him that he needs to go back and get Ted and save the problem about Max Lord when he gets back to his time. Captain Atom forces Max to undo the global here. Unfortunately, one of the stipulations is that Michael must shed booster gold popularity he might be regaining with his old allies, so they might continue to believe him a harmless idiot. See more hand Booster an invitation to the Justice League of America.



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